Analysis of the Perceptions of Non-Forestry and Environmental Students in Jabodetabek on the Role of Moringa oleifera in Climate Change Mitigation


  • Ikfanny Alfi Muhibbah Shalihah IPB University


climate change, Moringa oleifera, mitigation, perception, strategy, carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse gasses, globalwarming


Climate change is a crucial natural phenomenon. One of the causes of climate change is global warming caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth's atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation sector are the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. The perception of students' understanding, including non-forestry and environmental students, of climate change is needed in mitigation efforts that play a role in reducing the impact of climate change in a structured manner. Moringa oleifera is a ground cover plant from the Moringaceae group which is a type that is fast growing and resistant to drought. This study aims to analyze the perceptions of students with non-forestry and environmental education backgrounds in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) towards the role of Moringa oleifera in climate change mitigation. Data and information on student perceptions were obtained through a closed questionnaire and related journals. The sample used in this study amounted to 213 respondents from 1.000 population with 10% error rate. This study used the Guttman Scale. The results of this study are expected to serve as a basis for further development of climate change mitigation strategies related to Moringa oleifera by relevant institutions.